Your Piece of the Pie

Your Piece of the Pie Taxes are important. They pay for roadways and street lights; they subsidize transit and rec centres. I have met very few people who actually object to paying taxes. I have met too many people who object to paying the taxes we currently pay in Edmonton. There are two sides to taxes: collecting and spending. I have discussed spending and the value received, but I have not discussed collecting. In January, we will receive our initial Property Tax Assessments. The purpose is so we can double check that everything is correct before the official assessment is sent [...]

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Trust, But Verify

My university professor said, “Facts separate a fable from the truth. We are only interested in the facts.” Fables are stories, and stories are “account[s] of imaginary or real people, and events told for entertainment”. We use “story” in politics – a lot. It is something I have always disliked. It reports without a guarantee of truth. Administration prefers to give “balanced” reports showing equal numbers of pros and cons – this is not untrue, but it is not the same as a report showing all the facts regardless of the imbalance of pros and cons. There is trend among governments [...]

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We Can Do Better

While there is no shortage of areas where the City can improve its service delivery, I would like to focus on one service in particular -- public safety. Take a minute and ask yourself: what does public safety mean to you? I believe public safety is everyone’s right and responsibility. You deserve to have peace of mind when you wake up in the morning, that your property will be as you left it. You do not deserve to be put in a position where the well being of you and your family are endangered. You have a responsibility to afford these [...]

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