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Why Keith Gerein is Right!

Many of you will be shocked to hear me say this, but Keith Gerein is right! If you don't know Keith, he is a columnist at the Edmonton Journal, and he wrote a piece entitled "Secret mayoral debate the latest blow to transparency in Edmonton's election" which you can read here: link. Let's look at what Keith had to say.  He wrote: ...the debate was an entirely private, invite-only event held Thursday evening in a swanky Downtown hotel ballroom. Transparency to the public was clearly not one of the priorities, adding to a disturbing trend in this election that I’ll elaborate [...]

Why Keith Gerein is Right!2021-07-26T20:21:06+00:00

End Photo Radar

The Problem Photo radar is a cash cow, designed to tax the rich on driving. Don't take just my word for it, let's look at the facts below. Study #1: Independent Photo Radar Study In a 10 year provincial study on photo radar the facts are clear.  It is also important to note this study took place over 3 previous provincial governments of all political stripes (PC, NDP, and UCP).  To prevent political bias, the study was also independent.  The finds show a [...]

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Launch Permits

The Problem One of my top priorities as Mayor will be restoring Edmonton as Canada's economic engine.  I will get this done.  Edmonton was always a city that enabled and celebrated the blue collar way we approached business and enabled entrepreneurship to thrive.  Small and medium enterprise is the backbone of what we do in this city.  I've already released a policy to reduce taxes for businesses (and equally for homeowners) by balancing the amount of consultants and middle management, but there is more to do. With this policy announcement, I [...]

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Kathy’s Story

This is Kathy's story. This is Mill Woods' story. When I first become a Councillor for Ward 11, I knew it would take years to address the serious flooding issues in South Edmonton.  I knew how much this negatively impacted people's lives.  I remember hearing from people that could not get insurance for their home. It was heartbreaking. But that's why you are elected.  You are there to help.  Not to collect a paycheck and applaud. City Hall is not working for the people.  It's needs a drastic shakeup.  As Mayor, that is what I will do, but I will [...]

Kathy’s Story2021-04-23T23:19:53+00:00

Reduce Management & Consultants

The Problem You are overpaying in taxes for continually shrinking core services. The City of Edmonton is responsible for looking out for the needs of its citizens through its core services.  These services are the backbone of our city and without them, our city will cease to function effectively.  Many of our core services include things like our transportation networks, waste services, snow clearing, parks, and others. I have been growing concerned over the past several years that our core services are being neglected in favour of a growing bureaucracy.  This [...]

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Protect Our River Valley

“We must protect our River Valley from development not just today, but permanently. This means that regardless of who your future politicians are, the protection of the River Valley must be fixed and held constant for the next century and beyond.” - Mike Nickel Edmonton Mayoral Candidate The Problem A beautiful photo of our river valley taken by local photographer Hugo Sanchez. Visit his website https://hugosanchez.smugmug.com/ Edmonton’s River Valley is one of our most valuable and cherished assets. Like any asset, it can increase or [...]

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Bill’s Story

This is Bill's story.  He is a business owner in West Edmonton and over the last 16 years he saw his property taxes increased from $3,842 per year to over $85,875 per year. That's a 2,235% increase and as he puts it, "that's a crippling amount of money for anyone!" We need to protect families and businesses from crippling property taxes. Most Edmontonians I talk to are concerned with the value they get in return from their taxes. When business succeeds in our city, families also succeed.  The two are not mutually exclusive to my campaign.  If Edmonton is to [...]

Bill’s Story2021-02-24T23:28:57+00:00

Value For Everyone

“Is this the best way we can spend taxpayers’ money?”  This is the question I’ve been asking myself for years, both as an Edmonton taxpayer and now, as a member of City Council with the responsibility of actually determining how to spend your money. I feel strongly the decision makers, both administration and council, do not take in account the time sacrificed by people contributing to make a better city.   Working hard and paying taxes should get both the individual and their community ahead, but all too often it does not. With all the “great ideas” at City Hall, our communities [...]

Value For Everyone2021-05-25T15:47:54+00:00

Taxing Everything That Moves

So, have you heard about the new City Plan? If you are curious, you can dive into the 182 page document here.  Some of the goals are noble, while others seriously fall short.  One of the major themes of the document is on transportation.  While the document does talk about improving public transportation in our city, it does so with alarming methods.  I will explain. The job of City Council is to weigh out the pros and cons of a document like the City Plan. Let’s face it - this council already has an established track record of not making good [...]

Taxing Everything That Moves2021-02-08T19:51:39+00:00