This is Bill’s story.  He is a business owner in West Edmonton and over the last 16 years he saw his property taxes increased from $3,842 per year to over $85,875 per year.

That’s a 2,235% increase and as he puts it, “that’s a crippling amount of money for anyone!”

We need to protect families and businesses from crippling property taxes. Most Edmontonians I talk to are concerned with the value they get in return from their taxes.

When business succeeds in our city, families also succeed.  The two are not mutually exclusive to my campaign.  If Edmonton is to recover post-COVID, we need our economy firing on all cylinders and that’s the backbone of my campaign.

I’m running for Mayor because people like Bill deserve better.  I won’t stop fighting to build a better city.

If you know me then you probably know I don’t like asking for anything, but the truth is my campaign is going up against the old establishment in our city who don’t want to see things change.  If we are going to be successful in changing our city, then I need your support.

– Mike

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