The Problem

Photo radar is a cash cow, designed to tax the rich on driving.

Don’t take just my word for it, let’s look at the facts below.

Study #1: Independent Photo Radar Study

In a 10 year provincial study on photo radar the facts are clear.  It is also important to note this study took place over 3 previous provincial governments of all political stripes (PC, NDP, and UCP).  To prevent political bias, the study was also independent.  The finds show a 1.4% reduction in collisions, which if you account for the margin of error in statistical reporting, is very low.

Photo radar is a reactive tool.  Drivers blast through an intersection at high speeds and get a ticket 2 weeks later in the mail.  If we are truly concerned about enforcing traffic laws, wouldn’t we try to intervene sooner?

The costs of deploying photo radar are staggering.  It costs $80,000 to deploy a photo radar vehicle and nearly $172,000 to maintain.

You can view the study in its entirety here.

Study #2: Flashing Speed Signs

Another really great tool is the Driver Feedback Signs which most people call Flashing Speed Signs.

At an Edmonton City Council meeting, we received a report on the effectiveness on these signs.  Once again, this was an independent study conduct by researchers at the University of Alberta.  I was blown away when I saw the stats: up to 45% collision reduction.

If you think about the logic behind these signs, it makes a lot of sense. Drivers are alerted to adjust their speed before they head into an intersection, where the majority of collisions occur.  It’s a proactive technique designed to adjust driving habits and educate drivers on the road.

It is a brilliant and effective tool at a very low cost.  The average sign costs $12,000 to install and $500 per year to maintain.

To view the full report click here

The Solution

If we are truly serious about having safer streets, we must use the best tools and the best knowledge available to us.

It is time to end photo radar in Edmonton.  I would ask you to sign your name below as part of our petition.

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