Document Dump

This document dump is in 6 parts below.

This is only the first 600 pages of an estimated 12,000 pages.

Points of Significance:

  1. The City Auditor works for Edmonton City Council.  They report directly to Council.  Their work must not be interfered with.
  2. The auditor protects our city from corruption and theft of taxpayer money.
  3. In this FOIP there are copies of draft audits from the City Auditor.
  4. These draft audits contain financial information, which is different from the final public audit given to City Council.
  5. In this FOIP, there is documented evidence that audits are being changed and edited by members of our Executive Leadership Team.
  6. A chain of emails highlights that senior leadership has been given opportunities to provide edits and changes to the audit.  This is highly suggestive of collusion.
  7. This does not appear to be in accordance with the international standards for the professional practice of internal auditing.
  8. This is not just language being changed.  Numbers have been changed.  Recommendations have been removed.  Entire sections have been removed, including on the Blatchford development report.
  9. For example, there is a discrepancy of over $1m dollars between the two audits in regards to road sanding.
  10. In another example, the draft audit shows consulting services for $97m and the final audit, it shows $87m, a discrepancy of $10m.
  11. In this FOIP, it shows 3 recommendations for the Edmonton Waste Management Centre in the draft audit, with only 1 recommendation making it to the public audit.
    1. There is also a discrepancy with the amount of invoices paid
    2. This information is also heavily redacted.