The Problem

The City of Edmonton makes poor financial decisions.  If you look at my previous audit of capital projects ($100m+), things are clearly a mess.  We are paying billions of dollars over budget, yes projects are years behind.

Figure 1: Major Capital Projects ($100M+) completing since 2015

If you look at the hiring practices of managers and professional consultants, the problem is equally as bad.

I have been growing concerned over the past several years that our core services are being neglected in favour of a growing bureaucracy.  This includes big salaries for middle managers and lucrative consulting contracts.  This reduces our city’s ability to pay for the core services that Edmontonians rely on.

If someone says to you, the only two solutions are to cut services or raise taxes, they are lying to you.

If someone says to you, the only two solutions are to cut services or raise taxes, they are not telling the whole truth.

Saving Capital

Capital Projects On-Time, On-Budget. $100m+ Per Year.

I released my plans months ago, for a project watchdog to deliver capital construction away from council. This will save the City of Edmonton 15% per year on capital construction projects.  This would equate to around $100m+ per year in savings. You can read the full policy here with facts, figures, and charts.  It’s a solid plan to deliver our projects on-time and on-budget.

Reduce Managers & Consultants. $109m+ Per Year.

I also released my plans month ago, to reduce two lawyers of management and put consultant back to 2017 levels.  You can read the entire policy here that will save our city $109m+ per year.

Half of these savings ($54.5M) will go directly to taxpayers in the form of a 3.3% tax cut.  The remainder ($54.5M) will go to reducing the cuts to our frontline services and improving service quality.

  • $75 million dollar reduction in overall middle management costing
    • Reduction of senior managers to 2017 levels: from 186 to 167
    • Reduction of middle management to 2017 levels: from 1254 to 1016
  • $34 million dollar reduction in consultants
    • Reduction of consultants to 2017 levels; 32% reduction

Solution: 10% Tax Reduction

10% Tax Reduction Over 4 Years

By managing our city better, with zero cuts to frontline services, we can provide over-taxed and exhausted students, seniors, families, & businesses a significant tax break.  As Mayor, I will lead the charge to provide a 10% tax cut over 4 years.  This is in line with my 3.3% tax cut in year 1, previously announced.

It’s time for everyone to get ahead, not just for special friends downtown.