The inner-mechanics of a city run smoothly when they have the right, qualified technicians doing the work and ensuring it is managed properly. This means that for every industry of work, there should be a management chain. One top supervisor, one manager per department, a couple of great admins, and one group of front-line staff per department. There is no need for a bloated middle-management. Instead, we need the simplicity and efficiency of a team who is properly trained to do their job. In an ideal world, less is more. We would spend less money to spend on hundreds of staff, less time wasted fixing an issue that should have been done right the first time, less money wasted on fixing issues and/or hiring more staff.  That is what should have been done the first time around.


But, the City of Edmonton runs differently. They have hired an outrageous amount of middle-management and now they must reduce their costs in order to remain sustainable in the current economic environment.


In the most recent audit report has shown an expanding list of managers. There are too many supervisors supervising too few employees; too many of your tax dollars being wasted on something that could have been used towards something more essential – like lawn maintenance or fixing potholes. We now must reduce our service costs to maintain our management costs. A reduction in supervisors after a 21 percent increase since 2017… that is exactly what we should be focusing our time on. By reducing staff, we will be reducing costs for our organization, but it goes back to what I always say: do it right the first time. We have a systems failure when a 21 percent increase goes unnoticed.


It’s our tax dollars, after all. We can do better.