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It’s time for all of us to have a REAL conversation about what to do next.

One of my favourite things to do is knock on doors. With no cameras and no podiums to make stump speeches, I get to have the most raw, honest, and amazing conversations with the people who live here.

I’ll admit when I first started I wasn’t that excited about knocking on doors.  Every time I went to a door I was asking someone for their vote.  It didn’t quite feel right, but over the years I changed my tune.  I stopped asking for their vote and started asking what I could do for them, because it’s about them. It’s about what issues are holding them back and what issues are holding our communities back.

My constituents have elected me to speak for them at City Hall.  They are relying on me to find out the facts and propose solutions from the issues they share.  That’s what leaders are supposed to do: propose solutions, but first we must listen.  I have been listening, and I will continue to work toward these solutions.


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    These are the real issues everyday Edmontonians have been sharing with me at the doors, on the phone, and through email.  I consider many of these issues our blueprint of what to do next.

    Our River Valley is one of our best features, and it’s the largest continuous municipal green space in Canada. Developers will always try to shave a little here, use a little there, and I will always oppose development in our green spaces. We need to ask ourselves: will the return on our investment – our development – be worth the loss of that space? It is not likely.

    I am not opposed to speed limits – not even 30km/hr. I am opposed to the attempted carpet bombing of unnecessary speed limits. Each of our communities is different, and how we choose to keep our citizens safe within each of our communities should be decided there. Community requirements are not being met when the City imposes the same treatment for everyone.
    Thank you to everyone who came out to the Community Policing events held in Woodvale and Hazeldean Community Leagues. The response has been tremendous. It is gratifying to see community members who are wanting and willing to cooperate with each other, my office, Bylaw, and EPS to make our communities safer.

    I have given up trying to understand the logic behind the new waste management program. We had the composter. It was expensive. It was also broken. Taxpayers did not get the value they were promised. Now, taxpayers get to separate their trash, organics, and recycling themselves. And, they get to pay more for the privilege to do so. What are we paying for? Where is the value?

    I did not vote for the last budget. I do not see myself voting for the next budget. I can not fall in line with a group that spends taxpayer money like there was an endless supply. It is absurd to think that the amount of project mismanagement in the City will continue to go unchecked while taxpayers are bled dry.


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