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Hi, I’m Mike Nickel.

Just like you, I love this city & know it deserves better.
Our incredible families & businesses are struggling,
getting further behind. For too long City Hall has neglected
its core responsibility to our communities.

We need a city that provides value for everyone, not just
the special interest groups.

It’s your turn to get ahead!

I’m running to be your Mayor. Together, we will recover
and prosper. That is my great hope for Edmonton.


I understand times are tight right now. I sincerely value every cent donated to our campaign.

If you are able to donate, thank you for your generosity.



These are the real issues everyday Edmontonians have been sharing with me at the doors, on the phone, and through email.  As Mayor, these will be my core focus on the job:

When you pay taxes and fees to the city, you expect quality services back.

Edmonton has been piling on the debt, it has nearly tripled in 20 years.

Just ask yourself: Has your paycheck tripled?  Have you noticed our city providing 3 times the service?

The truth is: the people of Edmonton are not getting ahead.  As Mayor, my primary duty will be to restore the balance of interests in our city and ensure we provide the very best value, both fiscally and socially, to you the people.

Politicians don’t create jobs.  People do.

As Mayor, my goal is to create the most fair and affordable place to do business anywhere in North America.  Small businesses, the backbone of our economy, are struggling. We need to end the aggressive taxation of businesses (& residences too!) in Edmonton.

We have the best & brightest in this city.  Let’s restore economic confidence in our city once more as a place to invest, operate, and prosper in.

The facts and statistics are solid:  Photo radar does not make our streets safer.

A 10 year, independent study in the Province of Alberta indicated a 1.4% reduction in collisions.  Currently the expansion of any municipal photo radar programs is banned within Alberta.  The average photo radar vehicle & setup costs $80,000 to purchase and $172,000 per year to maintain.

We know deep down photo radar has nothing to do with safety.  Let’s end this cash cow.

The good news is there are more effective tools to photo radar that will make our streets safer and save lives.

A University of Alberta study found flashing speed signs to be proven to:

  • Provide immediate & preventative feedback
  • Reduce speeds up to 12 km/hr
  • Reduce collisions up to 45%
  • Only cost $12,000 to purchase and $500/yr to maintain

Our front line works are not the problem.  There seems to be a great divide between right and left on this issue.  Well let’s boil things down a little bit.

Can you recall in 2020 during COVID-19, when we couldn’t afford to cut our grass… Why?

Well, the middle management at City Hall is out of control.  Around the year 2000, we had 4 layers of management.  Now it is around 7 in most departments and sometimes even 8.  This had led to poor service, slow response, and costly tax increases for our citizens.

We saw in 2020, front line workers being furloughed and jobs eliminated, while many in middle management kept their positions.

The most puzzling part of the entire equation is we spend nearly $130 million dollars per year on consultants. You would assume with such a large workforce of managers, we would be able to independently and accurately make good decisions for the people of this city without the need for so much outside support.

We must right size City Hall and reduce our reliance on consultants.

The hardworking, front line workers of Edmonton have my support.  These are the people who fight fire, shovel the snow, cut the grass, answer the phones, and keep our city working.

Our River Valley is one of the largest continuous urban rivers in the world!  It is not for sale.

Developers will always try to shave a little here, use a little there, and I will always oppose development in our green spaces.  This should be preserved and cherished for future generations.

Epcor has decided to build a 51 acre industrial solar complex in our river valley.  This is roughly half the size of West Edmonton Mall.  City Council passed this 7-6.  This solar complex can go somewhere else in our city.

Let’s show Epcor who’s boss.  Hands off our River Valley.

Edmonton has long been the most prosperous and affordable places to live in Canada.  It’s a bastion of opportunity for people all over the world who have chosen our city.

Good jobs and a low cost of living are things to cherish.  Unfortunately, previous administrations were hell-bent on making Edmonton something that it is not. These idealistic “visions” are costly and have made Edmonton an unaffordable place to run a business or raise a family.

Taxes have outpaced inflation significantly, which means our city is not providing good value back to our people for what they pay in taxes.

Someone is getting rich and it isn’t the people of Edmonton.  Let’s restore our city as a reliable and affordable place to live and work.

Did you know?

During the 2020 pandemic, City Council decided to raise taxes on apartments by 6.3%.  They obviously forgot this is where our most economically vulnerable people live.  This undoubtable led to increased homelessness in our city.  It’s really sad too, these were human beings who are being priced out of their homes. 

Did you know the West LRT will move at the speed of traffic? (No, I won’t make any 40 km/hr jokes).  The West LRT (Valley Line West) is a low-floor tram, meaning it is almost at grade with the road.

This is not a first-class rail service to get people quickly and efficiently from Point A to Point B.  This is a slow moving tram.  It will have more than 12 stops between downtown and West Edmonton Mall.  Currently it is pegged at $2.7B dollars.  The implementation will be a major problem; I think everyone remembers the Kingsway LRT crossing nightmare?

This project must be paused, because it is poorly designed and truthfully, we cannot afford it.  Let’s reconsider using BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) as a significantly more affordable, reliable, and faster way to move people.

We have world-class education and world-class talent right here in Edmonton.  Our youth need to believe in a future for them right here.

If we are not careful, we will continue to see our best & brightest leave our city for better opportunities.  Let’s return Edmonton to an affordable place to live, work, and study and the opportunities available to the next generation.  Whether it is post-secondary, trades, or another pursuit, our youth deserve to find these jobs right here in Edmonton.

Edmonton is also a leader in arts, entertainment, and technology.  I believe they have many exportable products and it’s time we approach our cultural industries like a businesses.  Our city has ignored it’s great opportunity to become a leader in regards to intellectual property.  No longer!

My Story

Edmonton was always a city that afforded opportunity.  People from around the world came here because it offered hope.  My  father’s own story was no different.

He was born in Stefanow, Poland and as a child he witnessed the tragedies of World War II firsthand.  When he was old enough, he joined his brother Rudy and immigrated to Canada, settling in the Mill Creek area of Edmonton.

I am the son of an immigrant.  I have a wonderful mother, who worked hard everyday along with my father to provide for our family. They were builders in the community and I was able to witness and learn from them.

Back in those days (that makes me sound old doesn’t it) you relied on your neighbors for a lot.  When you succeeded, those around you succeeded.  My father had several successful businesses and his golden rule was to always take care of your employees and the people you serve.  Eventually, I was lucky enough to work alongside my brother and father.

I often hear: “Mike you pick too many battles.” 

True.  I do fight for things I believe in and the people I care about.  I can’t help it.  The fact of the matter is, I care deeply for this city.

For years I sat on council and watched as others spent taxpayers money, your money, without a care in the world.  To make things worse, the people of this incredible city were always treated with such contempt.  They were treated as if there was something wrong with them or their values were not woke enough.

Well all that woke stuff made us broke.  The important thing is we can do something about it: we can vote.

I am Mike Nickel and I am seeking your support to be the Mayor of our great city.

We will become a shining light once again for all those who come searching for opportunity.  We will become an affordable place to raise a family and run a business for the enjoyment of our lives and the betterment of our communities.  We will recover stronger than ever!

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